Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. 

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Q. What are you doing regaring the COVID-19/Coronavirus outbreak

A. Please see our COVID Update page for a complete update. 


Q. Are your charms Sterling Silver?

A. Yes. Any charm listed in our "Timeless Charms Collection" is .925 Sterling Silver. Our Rembrandt Charm category features charms in Sterling Silver, Gold Plated Sterling, 10K Gold, 14K Gold, and 14K White Gold. 

-- We do carry some Pewter charms, but they are clearly marked Pewter. 


Q:  Do you offer gift receipts (no prices)?

A:  If your billing and shipping addresses are different, we automatically send a gift receipt which does not include pricing. You can leave comments or a note for the recipient in the "Customer Note" section of the Checkout page. 


Q:  What is gold plated?  What is Rhodium plated?

A:  Rembrandt’s Gold Plating (or Vermeil) is the process of layering 22K Gold over Sterling Silver.  Rhodium is a precious metal in the Platinum family, which is used over our Sterling Silver to prevent corrosion or tarnishing.


Q. Does TimelessCharms.com accept Returns? 

A. Yes. We will accept any charm that is received damaged or flawed. Damage that occurs after receipt due to improper handling will not be accepted. Incorrect engravings will be accepted for return, however we will not accept returns of engraved charms that are shipped as ordered. You can find our return slip here... Return SlipContact us with any questions about an order or return. 


Q. How quickly will you process my order? 

A. Orders received by 1:00pm CT are processed same day with the exception of Rembrandt, Engravables, and Custom charms. Rembrandt charms ship directly from the plant and can add 24-48 hrs to your order. Custom charms can add 5-10 days, please check with us if you have questions about a specific items availability. See our Shipping Details for more information. 


Q. Is expedited shipping available? 

A. Yes. On the Checkout page, you can select Standard Delivery (USPS), Priority Mail (USPS), 3rd Day (FedEx Express), 2nd Day (FedEx) and Overnight (FedEx). Upcharges will apply. See our Shipping Details page for more info. 


Q. Do you ship internationally? 

A. Yes. We ship items all over the world. Need help or have specific concerns, please Contact Us


Q. I only see 1 of an item in stock but I need more. Can you get more charms? 

A. Absolutely. We restock constantly and do our best to keep your favorites in stock. If you need multiples of any charm, please Contact Us and we'll be happy to assist you. 


Q. I can't seem to find an old charm on your site. Is it no longer available? 

A. Our site is setup so that when a charm is out of stock it is no longer viewable. If you are trying to replace an older charm or have any other questions, please Contact Us for assistance. 


Q:  What is the warranty on your product line?

A:  All Rembrandt products have a Lifetime Warranty and we unconditionally guarantee each piece.  The warranty includes free repair or replacement. Please contact us for assistance.


Q:   Why are there fluctuations in pricing?

A:  Precious metals are subject to market fluctuations and therefore can change daily.  Although we try to standardize prices, the market may make it difficult to do so and therefore the published suggested retail prices are subject to change without notice.


Q. Do you offer coupons or discounts? 

A. We do occasionally offer coupons (Get 5% off your order when you sign up for our newsletter) and do occasionally run discounts on specific items, but we rarely offer discounts off our entire inventory. Due to contactual obligations with Rembrandt Charms, we are only allowed to discount their products at their disctretion. To stay informed of any advertised offers, we recommend signing up with our Newsletter. 


Q. Why do you have a P O Box listed as your address?

A. We are an internet only store. Our fulfillment center is in a small office complex and too many times in the past, we've had customers arrive thinking it was an actual store front. Our P O Box is our address we use for returns and general mail. If you need to contact us quickly, we recommend by email (info@timelesscharms.com), phone 888-9CHARMS or Contact Us online. 


Q. Is my private information safe? 

A. Absolutely! We keep all your personal information safely stored in our stystems and will never sell your information to third party sources. 


Q. Why should I "Register" with your site? 

A. Registering with our site allows you access to many convenient features. You can view previous orders, and re-order something with just a click. Our Address Book allow you to store multiple addresses and you can pick & choose the appropriate one on checkout. You are also able to create a "Wishlist" where you can save for later all the charms you are waiting to purchase. You can also store your billing information like multiple credit cards. Our system ensures your Card numbers are safe buy using a special "token" that both your credit card company and our processor understand. When we process your order, our systems do not transmit credit card numbers, only the special token so your card company will approve the order. Lastly we do offer Registered Customer only specials! Currently Registered Customers that sign in will be receive an automatic 5% off all our Timeless Charms Collection and Traditional Charm Bracelets. When your cart hits $100, the discount jumps to 10%. Clearance Items and Rembrandt Charms are excluded from this discount. Please Contact Us with any questions or concerns.